Tenor Sax

Glen Acorn
39 Wolf Cresc
Edmonton T5T 1E1
(780) - 487-5438


Although a lawyer by profession, Glen's had a long career in Edmonton's music history-- he can boast at being one of the very first Big Band musicians to perform at the Trocadero.

Since then, Glen has continued to play music, as a lead Alto Sax for the River City Big band, and now as a Tenor in the Troc Orchestra. "It's good to be playing my old instrument again -- I've missed it!", says Glen.



Here's Glen, crooning to the dancers in 1953 with the Bob Lyon Orchestra. "I played 4th Tenor sax and Baritone Sax"

And, here he is on clarinet, playing with the Chuck Barber Orchestra at the Troc in 1954